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Dev Farm Stay is located at the Village Amala Post Anadra, Sirohi, Rajasthan, India.

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Ever thought of going to a farm vacation with your family or friends? Well, you can make your dream come true with Dev Farm Stay. A country like India is the perfect place to spend your farm stay vacations. As India is popularly known for its agriculture. Dev Farm Stay is one of the best farms stays in India.

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Dev Farm Stay: Best Farm Stays in India

Ever dreamt of a life at the village? How people live there? How they feed themselves and their children? How they take care of their animals? We believe you may have many more questions in your mind. We all have that one desire to get an experience of a village life once in a lifetime. We wish for that bliss, warmth, unity, and most importantly a beautiful and natural life. The farm stay at the beautiful location, mouth-watering meals, exotic birds, skies decorated with stars, experience all this and a lot more!

Here, at Dev Farm Stay, you will feel as if you are at your own home. Spread over screeching acres of farmland. Away from the mayhem of the city, away from the exhausting responsibilities, come and enjoy natural and heartwarming village life with us. Even if you are looking to experience the Royal Rajasthan, it is the best part to start off. The environment you will discover here will be peaceful where you can find the true meaning of your own self as well as other aspects of life which will also help you to rejuvenate yourself.

The Dev Farm Stay has an entire package to provide you as an experience that you can’t accumulate even after touring the whole Rajasthan. It has a little but entire world in it. Saying about the various types of activities and experiences, one can do a lot at the farm. If you desire a lifetime memory of a great holiday with a fabulous wildlife experience.

Activities For You

Dev Farm Stay offers various amazing activities for you to enjoy with your family or friends.

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Stay with family

Enjoy a family stay at the farmhouse and make memorable memories here.

Cooking classes

Here, at Dev Farm Stay you will learn from the best cooks and also make your own supper.

Jeep Safari

Enjoy the beautiful farm and mountain sight which will draw you towards the natural beauty.






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