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Dev Farm Stay is located at the Village Amala Post Anadra, Sirohi, Rajasthan, India. It is a boutique farm stay with well-furnished rooms. Here you will get an amazing experience and get an opportunity to enjoy the farm with your friends.

The website is built to connect guests from all over the world to the most genuine and best farm stay in India.

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What is a farm stay?

A farm stay is any kind of accommodation at the running farm. There is a different kind of farm stays like some are concentrated on the adults while others are focused on the children which provide a child an opportunity to feed the cattle or other animals.

Farm stay can also be understood as the work exchange accord, in which the guests work for particular hours per week in return for affordable or free accommodation.

Some of the possible farm stay accommodations are as follows:

  1. Tent camping
  2. Converted outbuildings
  3. Cottages
  4. Cabins
  5. Farmhouse guest rooms
  6. Platform tents
  7. Yurts

What to expect?

You can expect a lot of fun at the farm stay. It will give an outstanding and incredible experience to you and your friends/family.

A Short History of Dev Farm Stay

Dev Farm Stay is owned by Mr. Anirudh Bhati, who is a local from the Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. He is a nature-lover so an idea jumped over his head and he thought to develop a farm stay. For transforming his idea into reality, he bought some land at the beautiful place at Sirohi, Rajasthan.

When he began his journey of building a great farm stay, there was no building at all and no cattle as well. After several years of dedication and lots of efforts, now we have become the best farm stay at Rajasthan and we are so overwhelmed that our efforts have been appreciated by our guests from all over the world.

Discover Rural India

Do you know 70% of the Indian population still lives in villages? It is an unfortunate thing that most tourists only get to visit the big or metro cities, without experiencing such an important section of Indian life and culture. Dev Farm Stay provides many probabilities to explore this fascinating side of India.

We invite you to come with us into an entirely unique world of attractive valleys, unblemished lakes, faraway villages, and friendly people. We will move the region at the swiftness that will give you a lot of time to really meet the village population and get to be aware of their daily life.


At Dev Farm Stay, you will find the most luxurious rooms which will make you feel comfortable and safe as well. Moreover, relish mouth-watering breakfast in the morning and 100% organic food throughout the day. Genuinely, you will feel that you are at your second home and never want to leave this place.






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